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Professional reorientation
A self-chosen change of job or the involuntary loss of a job are among the greatest challenges in a person's life. Very few people are really well prepared for this. Therefore, there is a risk of emotional mistakes or wrong decisions - or at least disadvantages in the competition for coveted jobs. For example, a lateral entry into a new industry must be well prepared.
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In active sourcing, candidates are approached directly and actively courted. Social networks and other online platforms are mainly used for this purpose.

Job placement is a service that helps jobseekers find a suitable job. Placement can be carried out by a state employment agency or by private placement agencies.

An assessment centre is a procedure for personnel selection and assessment. Applicants go through various tests and exercises to determine their skills and suitability for a particular position. Group and individual exercises, role plays or psychological tests may be used.

Candidate management refers to the process of managing and coordinating a company's candidates during the recruitment process. It includes identifying potential candidates, submitting applications, reviewing CVs, scheduling interviews, conducting recruitment tests and making hiring decisions.

The candidate experience describes the experiences that an applicant has with a company during the entire application process. This refers to all points of contact between the applicant and the company, such as the application documents, the interview or the communication during the selection process.

Employer branding is a concept in human resource management that focuses on strengthening and promoting a company's employer brand. The aim of employer branding is to create a positive perception of the company as an employer and thus to attract and retain talent in the long term.

Executive search is a special form of headhunting in which a targeted search is made for executives. In this process, specialised companies are also commissioned, which have specialised in the search for top management positions.

Freelancer management refers to the process of managing and coordinating freelance workers to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. It can include sourcing freelancers, managing contracts and invoices, and evaluating performance.

Headhunting is a form of personnel recruitment that involves a targeted search for specialists and management personalities. Headhunters have a large network and can approach potential candidates directly.

HR consulting refers to the process in which external HR experts support a company in the development and implementation of HR strategies and processes. This can include recruitment, people management, talent management and other related areas.

Career counselling is a service that helps people identify their career goals and interests and develop strategies to achieve those goals. Career counselling can also help people decide whether a change of career or job is appropriate.

Outplacement is a counselling process that helps former employees find new employment. Companies often offer this service to ensure a fair separation and to protect the company's reputation.

A recruitment agency brings employers and employees together. It searches for suitable candidates, prepares application documents and organises interviews. If the placement is successful, recruiters receive a commission.

Human resource development describes the process of systematically promoting and developing employees within an organisation. Measures such as training, workshops, coaching and mentoring are used to enable employees to improve their skills and competencies and thus increase their career opportunities.

HR marketing refers to a targeted marketing strategy to attract talent and potential employees to the company. The aim is to create a positive employer brand and present the company as an attractive employer.

A recruitment agency brings employers and employees together. It searches for suitable candidates, prepares application documents and organises interviews. If the placement is successful, recruiters receive a commission.

Recruitment refers to the entire process of personnel recruitment. This includes the definition of requirement profiles, the placement of job advertisements, the review of application documents and the conduct of interviews.

Talent acquisition refers to the process of attracting and hiring qualified candidates for open positions in the company. This can include creating job advertisements, conducting interviews and checking references.

Talent management describes the strategic approach to identifying, developing and promoting talent within an organisation. Measures such as employee development, career planning, mentoring programmes and succession planning are used to ensure that the organisation has the necessary talent and skills in the future.


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