A memorable excursion into the Dutch Luxury Hotel Industry. I had the chance to meet Roman Husock – a passionate Marathon Runner – for a cold drink at De L’Europe Amsterdam. We talked about luxury 5 Star Service, Forbes Travel Guide, Leadership, Corona, London, TOP Hotel Schools in The Netherlands, different Hotel Concepts, Recruitment as well as his Career, Vision & Goals for De L’Europe Amsterdam. Very inspiring Interview. Check it out;

Hi Roman – you are now for 11 months in your role as Director of Rooms at the 5 Star Luxury Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam – why did you accept this challenge?

I am a true believer in delivering exceptional 5 Star Service – being a true and passionate hospitality professional – it was a challenge as well as an honour for me to continue my career at 5 Star Luxury Hotel Amsterdam – De L’Europe Amsterdam (deleurope.com and contribute my share to an exceptional & outstanding hotel. 

Tell us about your career – where and how did you start?

Hospitality gives you the chance to experience an international and global working environment and learn the art of doing something exceptional for other people – that really intrigued me when I first had to decide about my future professional career. The Hospitality Industry is so diverse and, on a pragmatic note – there is always work to find and to be done. 

I started out at the Hotelschool The Hague (According to QS World University Rankings 2023, Hotelschool The Hague | Home ranks among the top 10 hospitality management schools worldwide), which I would absolutely recommend, if you want to enter the field of Hospitality. Living and studying in an international surrounding gave me a great preparation for my future work career and a global outlook. 

After School straight to France, Dublin, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam – this sounds like a great experience – tell us about it.

You are right – it was exciting to leave after school towards these destinations – taking one of my first jobs in Dublin – during the Lehmann Brothers Crisis in 2008 with a massive drop to an occupancy of 40% got me a first feeling of Crisis Management and how things can change at lightning speed, and for that you need to be always on your toes, pragmatic and agile. I learned about all departments and the Rooms Division thrilled me the most. 

Next Stop London – from Night Manager to Front of House Manager – 2 Years Renovation of the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane – London | Marriott Bonvoy – sounds like an ambitious chapter in your Life?

Yes, renovating a hotel with full operations going on, making sure the impact on our hotel guests is kept to a minimum, sounds daunting but is really exciting as teamwork and good communication within as well as external is so crucial. The Renovation really helped propelling the hotel to a new level – but investing to improve Service Standards at the same time really made the difference to team spirit as well as Guest Experience. While being involved into such a big project, communication with your team is key.

Why leave London for Amsterdam?

I felt it was time for a new challenge, as the team and the hotel in London were performing really well and I wanted to leave on a high note: team engagement scores, financial performance, guest satisfaction scores all were on historic high performances, so I wanted to embark on a new stretch project. An added benefit is that I found my future wife in Amsterdam! 

The W Amsterdam, nhow Rotterdam, Moxy & Residence Inn Amsterdam Houthavens, and now De L’Europe Amsterdam – Corona and striving for 5 Star Forbes Recognition  a lot of balls in the air?

All Hotels before starting at De L’Europe Amsterdam really enhanced my experience and sharpened my skills in Hospitality on different levels – Revenue Management, Operational Excellence, Introducing Six Sigma, never stop questioning the Status Quo, Long Wins over Quick Wins – like improving cleanliness scores in Housekeeping – dare to tackle things that are typically neglected. Also in retrospect, they have prepared me even more intensively for my current role.

Your luxurious home in Amsterdam – De L’Europe Amsterdam

So today – you manage a team of approximately 85 team members including 6x department heads (Head Concierge, Head Butler, Guest Service Manager, Head of Security, Head of Maintenance, Executive Housekeeper) with 105 rooms. De L’Europe Amsterdam has one of the highest average Rates in Amsterdam – a privately owned Hotel with great History. What was your first tackle?

Yes, De L’Europe Amsterdam represents true Amsterdam Luxury – a real Grand Hotel – attentions to details – very high service standards where only the best is good enough. I am very excited to be part of this success story and making De L’Europe the best hotel in Europe.

We are constantly looking for better ways to do things and that keeps the team excited and the guests happy. It is so rewarding to hear compliments and how we connected on an emotional level with our guests.

What drives you on a daily Basis?

It makes me happy to work together with so many experts and talents, to have one common goal and to celebrate successes together. It really gives a great Team Spirit Momentum – which in turn increases the guest experience and satisfaction immensely.

How would you describe you Leadership Style?

Well, my bookshelf is full of great Management Books – but in the end it boils down to being genuine, involved, having your finger on the pulse, knowing what is going on within your Team and being a role model and supporting. Finding solutions to different situations that can occur, giving the team the tools but more importantly the vision to strive for greatness.

How is Recruitment handled at De L’Europe Amsterdam?

On this very note, I have to say the recruitment process at De L’Europe Amsterdam really exceeded my expectation – from the first Point of Contact with the recruitment specialist until I started my job, it felt well organised, structured with a great, personal attention for the candidates – somehow the same exceptional experience we deliver to our guests. All team members – and that really inspired me at De L’Europe Amsterdam – purely love Hospitality and know their Jobs – nobody is here by chance. 

What ist your goal for the De L’Europe Amsterdam?

We want to achieve the Forbes Travel Guide Star Rated Hotels, Restaurants & Spas – only 350 Hotels worldwide are honoured – it is the ultimate accolade for a Hotel. 

What are your personal 3 TOP Hotels in Amsterdam, besides De L’Europe Amsterdam?

1. The Okura Experience the Exquisite – Hotel Okura Amsterdam – EN

2. The Dylan Luxury 5 Star Boutique Hotel in Amsterdam | The Dylan Amsterdam

3. The Hoxton Our Amsterdam Hotels | The Hoxton

Last Question – What is your advice for young professionals, starting out in Hospitality?

Be curious, open minded, watch & learn from your leaders and peers – listen – really get involved – ask questions – allow yourself to make mistakes, but try to make them only ones – really stretch yourself in areas you feel uncomfortable, like public speaking – having difficult conversation with Co-Workers – embrace different cultures – try to work on different continents – see the World and have fun!

Thanks for your Time and great Inputs – Roman Husock – November 2023

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